Saturday, November 23, 2013

Clueless, Heathers, Pretty in Pink

Brilliantly ridiculous (post on the hats within coming soon!)

I love Winona Ryder. She was only like 16 when she did this film! heavy! I don't know why but Christian Slater has always scared the crap out of me, there's something about him

Whilst I don't like being a hater, people who post about 'how annoying stuff is' are more annoying than the content within their post (like people who talk non stop about their religious beliefs or workout programs, which has become semi-religious to some) suffice to say Pretty in Pink, i think it's over rated, I'm sure that when it came out it was brilliant and ground breaking, but the hair and clothes without wanting to sound superficial- are unacceptable. 

It is my personal belief that the Eighties existed solely to show humanity to never dress that way ever again.

When James Spader's man-loafers are visible, something within me simultaneously laughs really hard AND cries

Please god make it stop

All pics from Tumblr, the last one definitely from a worst dressed list somewhere

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