Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Valley of the Dolls

Image heavy post alert! Valley of the Dolls is great for appreciation of the 'so bad it's good' vibe, the over the top ridiculous campy kitschy whole 2 hours is brilliant. Now there be no need for social commentary, as we have ridiculous celebrity meltdown headlines that are bigger than actual news stories, to distract us when we feel helpless and overcome with the state of our current world.....tsk tsk

Completely worth watching for the Neely O'Hara storyline alone! It's meant to be sad and rock-bottom-ish but it is kind of hysterical, why is it always famous people though? i can imagine a few old managers of mine doing this after a gruelling day 

Oh Sharon Tate, no one deserved to go the way you did, if you're into crazy cults and true crime stories read more here very very sad though, as she was heavily pregnant at the time of her murder

And the stunningly beautiful Barbra Parkins as Anne Welles, who can forget those Gillian Girl advertisement scenes, you can view them here

I love this picture of her, what a dress! Fashion today is a big let down most of the time....so 'safe' and 'chic' like a mass personality bypass

Here you can wear some 'dolls' (slang for pills) of your own

Here are some doll socks

What about this article, whole jewellery collection based on it! What an excessively over the top way to celebrate something as Tacky and awesome as Valley of the Dolls

What about a hilarious Jeremy Scott x Longchamp bag to celebrate? why the hell not, the film is ridiculous, might as well complement your movie inspired wardrobe with any hint of humour 

My my, aren't they all pretty? with their perfect Sixties hair and clothes, what a film, whole thing is on Youtube, go enjoy some over the top hilarity


(all pics courtesy of Tumblr)

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