Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Witches of Eastwick

So I watched The Witches of Eastwick, something i don't recommend if you've recently watched The Shining- we'll get to that in a minute

Over the top-ly super star cast, hilarious Susan Sarandon hair, good look for Cher, but not everyone can pull it off

This was easily the best part of the film, I want to fling myself into chandeliers after gliding through the air with my new ability to fly, and i would definitely hang out on an inflatable zebra with a giant silver bowl of cherries in my lap in my best ballgown attire also, why the hell not

Ballroom full of balloons was pretty wicked

So yeah, whilst there are open jokes about Jack Nicholson not being handsome, the only way for it to be believable at all that he could seduce 3 such beautiful women COULD ONLY BE that he is the devil incarnate!
 I know it looks like I'm missing the point, but once you've seen good old Jack frozen in the Shining, you CANNOT unsee that!

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

Worth viewing if only to perve on Michelle Pfeiffer, and for Cher's cute yellow hair clips, Nicholson is pretty funny in it, and the absolutely best hands down bit for me was Veronica Cartwright's performance, best fundy whackjob ever! She played young Cathy in The Birds!

All pics from Tumblr

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