Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stupid hats

Just like good bad taste, there are good stupid hats and bad stupid hats, here's a nifty little guide

I realise someone probably extorted a huge amount of money from this woman calling it 'fashion' and in exchange for an exorbitant price, your own personal marshmallow cloud to block the view of the very thing you're there to see.
makes sense
Result = Bad Stupid

Just because you wear it with diamonds and MIGHT be related to someone in a royal family somewhere (legitimately, no clue who this is) does not mean you continue to wear a kite after a child has got it stuck in your hair
Result= Bad Stupid

Princess Beatrice! Who can forget this one? It has its own MEMES you guys, that's how much it influenced the collective subconscious. Personally i think the female reproductive system comparison is pretty bang on, it might be a Philip Treacy and therefore 'art' or whatever you want to pass it off as, but come on? I'd rather wear a dildo on my head
Result= BAD BAD Stupid

Giant cocktail stupid hat, don't mind if i do! good for getting shitfaced, bad for diluting cocktails if it starts to rain
Result= GOOD Stupid!

Now this one above is a personal favourite. Proof that fashion is sometimes so freaking dumb, i don't think even Lady Gaga would be caught in this, well 2 years ago maybe.

 This is proof that Barbie has invented a gigantor ray and is keeping it to herself. It hit one of her napkins instead and could be sold for a probably quite neat profit looking at the ostentatious jewellery and the sugar daddy in a top hat in front

Is this in case a dinosaur needs a tampon? I hate when fashionistas are all 'oh you just don't 'get' it' what is there to get? That someone has more money than brains? That's very gettable as evidenced by many things in the fashion world that takes itself way too seriously. 
Result= BAD BAD BAD Stupid

All pics courtesy of Tumblr. If any of the pictures are your Mum or a member of your Royal family, contact me for a takedown

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