Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reality used to be a friend of mine

Three Worlds

Bond of Union

Drawing Hands

MC Escher works. Taken from here well worth a look and read. 

And in other deceptions comes the tale that alot of people are familiar with, The Cottingley Fairies Hoax i love this hoax (almost as good as the Alien Autopsy hoax!) the pictures, though fraudulent, are beautiful!

They are quite well done for the time! They fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and even JM Barrie claimed to have recognised one of the tiny folk. It did inspire a gorgeous little film i loved growing up, Fairy Tale, watch the trailer here 

(All pics from MC Escher website and Wikipedia)

It also inspired this hilarious little parody book: Pic from here be sure to have a look


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