Wednesday, September 18, 2013

If I were a thousandairre

First saw this Abraxas Rex cuff featured on White Lightning years ago. Saved the pic and sneak peeks at from time to time. Their site is full of other great pieces, but this quartz cuff remains their ultimate for cuff enthusiasts such as moi. 

(pic courtesy of White Lightning)
And what about these pretties?

Now i am a terrible picture thief and not sure where i saved this from. Boots by Datino, and i cannot find a site for them! bad news is if i ever owned these, i would probably just drool all over them

Prepare yourself: Steampunk Laptop!

From Data Mancer (pics courtesy of them too)
Just beautiful. I know the Steampunk thing is widely panned, I think it's a bit misunderstood, nostalgia for an idealised world, whether politically, aesthetically, daydreamers unite!

and a perfect little bone shaped ring:
pic courtesy of Tumblr. These are by Marc Jacobs, but I'm not going to pretend i know about or care about high fashion, which i hold in contempt a lot of the time. I will always credit the maker of whatever is in a picture, but the label coveting that is deeply entrenched in our world is something i frankly find terrifying. I will put a name to the pic, but the knowledge ends there!


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