Monday, September 2, 2013

Unicorniest of Unicorns

What is it about the mythical Unicorn that captures so many of us? My sister and i once agreed one of the worst things a person could say to you would be "You're not a Unicorn, you're just a regular horse" it has wit, painful wit at that.
Not only do they star in mythology and folk tales, but music too. (and a plethora of really weird merchandise, see below)

(for the record, if i had a cat i would make them wear this all day long) 

Here are some domesticated unicorns:

(3 guesses what my name is) 

and if i were a thousandairre, these are a few of the beauties I'd strike off the wishlist:

So much cute! more on this site

Unicorn onesie, enough said. Browse!

This Holographic Unicorn clutch would satisfy 2 loves: Unicorns, obviously and shiny shiny shininess! 
I found it here and there are others on eBay too! 

Do not google unicorn necklaces if you do not have time to spare! (Or you know, a life, unlike yours truly) 

If you know or have heard/ made up an excellent unicorn inspired insult, please feel free to pass it on!

Stay Horny! (as my friend once said without thinking, where would we be without the silly things our loved ones say) 


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