Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fun times

Moonrise Kingdom  is a beautiful gem of a film, my sister is in love with all the work by the very talented Wes Anderson, I thoroughly encourage anyone who hasn't seen it yet to do so! I shall not bore you with yet another review of a film reviewed by every other blogger. ever. I wanted to touch upon Suzy Bishop's suitcase! So here are some obligatory beautiful screen captures.

Here is her suitcase and its delightful contents! (exactly what id pack for a trip into the wild!) All the books are not real (damn! there is a really great article here about the feeling of nostalgia for something we will never read, plus there were heaps of moments where you go, someone should really write this actual book!)

and this is my suitcae and its delightful contents:

All my journals! Years worth of teenage angst, ridiculous anecdotes, work timetables, song lyrics, photos of loved ones etc. 
Every impractically packed suitcase should have a map of Middle Earth in it, just in case. 

And because its a Deee-Lite full kind of day, playing them non stop. All of World Clique can be listened to here and here are some pictures of the wonderful Lady Miss Kier


Grace Jones and Lady Miss Kier together = room of awesomeness explosion. 

(all pics apart from my own photos, from Tumblr) 


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