Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Adventures of Bobo Part One

This is my friend Bobo, wave hello-bo!

He came to me in this box courtesy of my beautiful friend Jacinta and my other half:

From Costco. (Costco-bo) 

He is a very helpful skeleton, he helps me with the ironing:

and hanging the washing

(he has a few pervert tendencies, he likes to fall face first into my undies and pretend it was an 'accident' )

Here he is taking a well earned hammock break 

Because after all, working out without muscles is very hard:

He was helpful in checking the mail:

He even drove me to the shops! 

He's got this:

I accidentally walked in on him in the bathroom, which was a terrifying experience, trust me. 

He's quite shameless actually:

He likes music and is pretty good at the drums:

Bastard got a perfect drumroll first time he tried.

It was a long day for Bobo, so he went to sleep, but there will be other days he can play, 

Goodnight Bobo!


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