Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Current reading pile. Months worth!

Replaced the MOR candle! 

Saved from the tip by my wonderful friends ^ 


I love the graffiti in the tunnels (sometimes). It's constant, then the council comes and paints over it, like a free giant canvas, then the 'vandals' come out once again, and the council paints over it again, like this invisible artistic tug of war, it's great! Australia is running this really weird and- almost pointless? Turn your back on vandalism campaign, it just gets people to do clever things like this:

(Either that's a clever street artist or a woefully misdirected attempt at not bringing attention to one of the many blank street canvases) 

Beautiful skies, branches finally in bloom

I rather like this little guy:

Off to walk straight past him with my furry friend

Bye for now!

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