Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ten for today

1) Teddy has an Operation video. Not for squeamish people! I love all the body part names, because of this video i always check my Bon-Bon layer is intact, that my crotch unicorn is happy and that my coorage sack is working properly. The videos mixture of cute- the teddy and the music, and disturbing- the operation itself and the things pulled out of teddy, is exactly the kind of perfect blend of messed up happiness. A well spent three minutes! 

2) Calcifer figurine. He would be bigger than the mini Castle figurine though! 

(he seems to be ok with this arrangement) 

3) Loser gift basket by the one and only John Waters. If you haven't seen Serial Mom go and rectify this immediately, probably my favourite John Waters film.

4) Sophia Webster Unicorn bag! perfection!

I plan on being able to pull off being constantly ridiculous so i can embarrass my future children if they try to 'sass' me

5) The Underwater filming scenes from Hugo

(plan on writing more about this perfect film! in love!)

6) Lots of watching Malcolm thanks to my sister

7) This is the Voynich manuscript it's language, purpose and creator remain largely unknown. HISTORY MYSTERY! (new categorisation label, huzzah!) 

8) Awesome movie poster alert!

9) Some flowers for you! Aren't the colours beautiful!

10) Hanging out with my best pal on a beautiful Canberra day! 

(Pics courtesy of Tumblr, Wikipedia, here , here and here please let me know if you have remained uncredited and or wish me to remove something) 


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