Sunday, March 29, 2015

V for Vendetta/ Pink Floyd's The Wall

With both their iconic characters and themes, does anyone else feel a wonderful similarity between the 2 films? Everything borrows from something, but I think its a great thing, your own interpretation thrown in to expand on the idea more!

Both these films challenged the way my young self thought, and I am glad they did

We often hear about how essential it is to critically think, and these films and graphic novels serve as a friendly reminder of a not so friendly possibility/ reality/ future

We must remember and think about our fellow man, and strive our best to help them. To try to leave the world better than we found it seems pointless, and futile, and many people will say this is certainly the case, but I believe our actions, thoughts and how we treat others can have a gigantic impact, for the better

It starts with us all, don't finish watching these films and go back to being a dick, otherwise we've missed the point!!!

(Loved V's house though!)

I saw this picture with the caption "It's almost like we can't win" along with it, so true.

Here are the iconic freedom from repression Guy Fawkes masks being made in a third world factory in Brazil

It makes you think really hard about owning something so iconic

Pics from Tumblr


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  1. I have often thought the same thing...The Wall came out in 1979, so it can't have been influenced by V for Vendetta...Alan Moore has discussed copiously the influences on V for Vendetta, but has never mentioned The Wall..."1984" he mentions specifically and I think there are clear signs of the influence of that novel on The Wall as well.