Thursday, March 19, 2015

Le Cholera

We learn about the numbers of the casualties of war, we learn the numbers of those killed in terror attacks, but I wonder how many people could adequately number the sheer amount of humanity that has been killed off by preventable disease.

Blogging is a world where one has to be careful, as it is very easy to come across as self righteous. I sit with my history books and cannot begin to imagine the devastation of being alive at a time when cholera was killing people in the thousands. We reflect on the eleventh hour on the eleventh month to mark the end of World War One, I urge anyone interested in this vein of history to look into the numbers of casualties, killed by disease, which ravages large portions of our globe and has devastating effects.

The following video by The School of Life does a brilliant job summarising what it took university a year to hammer into students:

Pic from the Wiki commons, and video courtesy of the School of Life channel, which is pretty much my YouTube homeland!


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