Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Guedelon/ Secrets of the Castle with Ruth, Peter and Tom

I freaking LOVE!!!! this documentary series. Ruth Peter and Tom are a historian and archaeologists respectively and they immersed themselves in the Guedelon castle site, which is happening AS WE SPEAK/ type/ read: an experimental archaeological site, building a 13th century era castle with 13th century era technology. Read about Guedelon here, this is so amazing!

If they use a nail, it is made on site by the black smith, all the stones are dug cut and set by masons, the paint is sourced from local ochre, it is just the most amazing series about total immersion in historical methods so they are not forgotten or superceded by modern developments.

Here they are firing tiles they have set themselves in the site kiln:

Ruth, Peter and Tom sleep in a replica medieval hut (probably only while filming, but hey the concept is wicked!) and they also wear the clothes of the time and eat the food of the time (Pottage!)

Here is Guedelon in 2004:

And in 2014:

It is a slow process, but when you think they are making everything and sourcing it themselves, its pretty damn amazing, I am captivated!

They even use a tread wheel crane on site, as depicted above from a 13th century manuscript.

BEST of all, you can watch the whole thing online!

Link to the first episode!

All pics from stills. The BBC have done a marvellous job with this series!



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