Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jezebel Sationery, where art thou?

Whatever happened to Jezebel Stationery? I have come across her designs many many a time, as I wished to call a 'Boudicca and Romola rode white horses' tote my own, but their site has up and gone! Disappeared! It is so strange when things disappear off the internet, like the Unicorn Diaries! Quite the feat to pull off, nevertheless, please enjoy her beautiful beautiful artwork I have pinched pictures of from all over the interwebz

The delicate silhouettes, the suggestions of a raucous night life....ah! What dreams brought to life!

Link to blog here good read too

I am most definitely a gin drinker, if nothing else

Midsummer Night's dream! You can never do any wrong!

Pics from wherever I could find these delightful designs


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