Saturday, June 14, 2014

Jazz Age

Nostalgia for a time one never knew

The hair, make-up and style, of everything! attention to detail

The actresses mysterious, not sharing absolutely every detail about themselves on social media

Here is some music to enjoy dancing to!

The portraits, never to look dated, merely a glimpse to the past

The dresses, such finery!

Dance halls full swing! Behind your local Speakeasy
Dancing until the dawn!
I am in love with the picture below! 
Ladies finding a cab home after a night of debauchery!

Canberra even happens to have its own Speakeasy
 the atmosphere and attention to detail always being marvellous! 
A bar called Molly!

and of course the book that captured the spirit of it all, The Great Gatsby

Nostalgia for the past is a good thing in my mind, if we forget and move on, these things will forever be lost to the passage of time


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