Saturday, August 1, 2015

Witch trials

Witch trials are a particularly fascinating historical topic. We can look back now and think how un-scientific and ridiculous this must have been, this is the great thing about history, undoubtedly there will be things in our time that we find completely normal that future generations will look back on in wonder, asking why we bothered.

Below is a scene depicted in a pamphlet from the witch trials of Trier in Germany. They ran from 1581- 1593, and were one of the biggest witch trials in all of Europe.

Over 300 people died, but many guess that as many as 1000 people perished in these paranoid trials.

(Image source here)

And below is a monument in Vardo, Norway. in 1621, 91 people were killed. This memorial was opened in 2011. 

(Image source here)

What monuments to the pass shall our descendants erect for their ancestors I wonder

I freaking love history

EDIT: LAPHAM'S QUARTERLY (a wonderful treasure trove!) had this graphic, a brilliant way to make history fun and relevant: So you've been accused of witchcraft?! (click to enlarge)

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