Saturday, May 2, 2015

Man on Wire 2008

After repeated recommendations from my wonderful sister, I finally got around to watching this documentary.(Available on Netflix)

In 1974, French tightrope-walker Philippe Petit crossed a wire between the Twin Towers in New York City. The documentary looks at all the planning that went into it, and how his friends and girlfriend at the time struggled to help him out, realising there was a high level risk to this since-adolescence dream of his.

Here is Philippe walking between the wonderful towers of Nortre Dame cathedral

And walking the pylons between the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Planning for the twin towers crossing was extensive, and Petit and his team planned for years, helping him practise to compensate for wind by pulling on his home-made tightrope. They all helped him get up there and watched in fascination, particularly down below on the street, where a magical sight of a man walking a rope lay down in the middle, a magical piece of art. 

The twin towers were 417 metres high, a fall from this height meant certain death.

The film is a beautiful reminder of the heights man goes to (no pun intended) and how humans are capable of whimsy, dreams and beauty.

A must see!

All pics courtesy of Pinterest


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