Sunday, December 7, 2014

Emu War: Genuine Australian history

Now see, if we learnt about history like THIS! in class, Aussie kids wouldn't complain (as loudly perhaps) that our history is boring. I realise this is a rite of passage to every child in every history class that didn't want to be there, but history is so much fun and so full of hilarity, sadness, practicality, error, triumph, failure= teaching us we're ultimately human!

The old wikipedia entry clearly had a sense of humour, listing 'dignity' as a casualty also ;)

Shows like QI and YouTube channels such as CrashCourse I believe are turning history around, making it accessible and fun, not ties up in the perceived world of stuffy academics.

As a history nut, I will stop here or I will never shut up

Pictures are from Tumblr


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